The Ergo Stonks items list




Cardano Stonks

Cardano glasses and tatoo (hat)
Cardano scientific coat (clothes)
Chemical sniper rifle (accessory)

Binance Stonks

Binance helmet (hat)
The « leverage » suit (clothes)
Liquidation pipes (accessory)

Bitcoin Stonks

Bitcoin’s crown (hat)
The royal jacket (clothes)
The King’s sword (accessory)

Doge Stonks

The Doge fans’ cap (hat)
Dogecoin hoodie (clothes)
The Dogecoin flag (accessory)

Ergo Stonks

Ergo god mode (hat)
Sigma armor (clothes)
Ergo double axes (accessory)

Ethereum Stonks

Ethereum Stone (hat)
Ethereum hero garment (clothes)
Gas ball (accessory)

Solana Stonks

Futuristic monocle (hat)
Solana suit (clothes)
Neon katana (accessory)

Uniswap Stonks

The Uniswap hat (hat)
Uniswap garmant (clothes)
Rainbow (accessory)

Ripple Stonks

The Ripple top hat (hat)
Ripple gentleman suit (clothes)
XRP Shotgun (accessory)

Tether Stonks

Tethers’ Badboy’s stuff (hat)
USDT Laser suit (clothes)
Tether wrench (accessory)

Shiba Inu Stonks

The Shiba fans’ cap (hat)

Shiba Inu hoodie (clothes)

SHIB flag (accessory)

Monero Stonks

Monero ninja balaclava (hat)
XMR suit (clothes)
Katana of privacity (accessory)

Axie Stonks

Axie on head (hat)
Infinity suit (clothes)
Axie on shoulder (accessory)

Chainlink Stonks

Links’ hat (hat)
Oracle clothes (clothes)
Links’ bow (accessory)

Polkadot Stonks

Polkadots’ hat (hat)

wtf are these clothes (clothes)
Laser dot (accessory)